Monday, April 23, 2007

Here Is Where I Ramble About Hot Fuzz, Part Two.

Cannot wait to see it again, and you should all go and watch it. It's funny, heartfelt and visually stunning.

Hot Fuzz, and all of the Simon Pegg-Edgar Wright collaboration I've grown to love, is compelling because it's a movie about the true love between friends, and I am so enthralled by that. I am enamoured with stories about this kind of love; maybe this is because I think it is, in many ways, the purest that can exist between two humans. I certainly have never been as fulfilled by "romantic" love as I have been by the closeness I've felt with my friends. I've in fact been throughly disappointed by this time-wasting, painful and ultimately unfulfilling novelty, and as I get older, I find myself really drawn to stories that focus on the platonic bond between two close friends. Because none of my close friends ever took pains to lie to my face, or put my health at risk, or make me look like a complete fool for being silly enough to trust someone. And I thank those friends, the lot of them, every day for that.

Or maybe it's just because I hate schlocky, sicky sweet fake romantic bullshit because I know it's all stupid lies and I think that it's for the lowest common denominator of the population to slobber over, like a pathetic soma. That, too.

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dynamite with a laser beam said...

i fell in love with these two when they beat a zombie to death to Queens "Don't Stop Me Now" (arguably one of the best songs ever, EVER)
genius defined so simply
humor, music, violence, survival of the fittest, love
all the trappings of humantiy
fucking BRILLIANT!