Friday, January 21, 2005

FEMA Surf Shack

I ate a green apple and 2 Oreos for breakfast, because I care.

This is already pretty bad, and it's just a genral one. But there was also a timely tsunami entry, which I seem to recall seeing as a link on the Yahoo! main page, very casually mentioned as "Play the Tsunami Game!", and I thought either someone is a really insensitive asshole or very, very confused. After seeing a Gawker mention of this, Iwent to the site and said game has seemingly been removed. Wonder why that would be? It seems that this formerly unknown multibillion dollar government entity was just stupider than stupid, with your tax dollars no less. Wait, where's the educational game for 9/11, FEMA? Or is that inappropriate because it didn't happen in faraway-brown-people-who-don't-speak-English-land? Just wanted to clarify.

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