Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Project: Terry Jinn

Terry, who is a dear person, put together this weekly show, which was delightful. And not just because I had 4 beers. Because it reminded me of when I first started to do improv. I really was excited about it, and it looked so fun and easy. I started doing it because I wanted to do sketch stuff and thought it was the right move. It took me about, oh I'd say, 3 years ti come full circle and realize that I was really just an awful improviser and that I was awful to watch. And more awful to try and work with. I developed a case of stage fright that I still have, although if it's memorized material I'm OK. Anyway, I forgot that improv can be fun instead of a tormentive experience where you're constatly watching your back because you're going to be replaced any second since there's hundreds of people waiting to fill your space. And, in my case, they were justified in doing so, which is why, after being told gently by a coach that I was not doing as well as I should have been, I agreed and left. Why fight? It wasn't fair to those people out there who were funnier and deserved a chance. It sucked that I stayed as long as I did, for all parties involved (mostly for the audience- I was really, really not funny).

Anyway, I do love scripted stuff more than ever. All the writing lately has been great. It's a much better fit. It makes me feel like I have some modicum of talent, instead of being a total retard.

Plus I flirted with a bunch of cute, way too young for me guys. God I love younger men. How sad is that?

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