Saturday, April 02, 2005

$2 Tecate in cans with lime.

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I have had a lovely day, a la Bill Withers (used 5 years or so ago as a Gap commercial background song). I had brunch, I watched the Virgin Suicides and drooled over the makeout scene under the bleachers to "Strange Magic", I painted my nails, I played with Nigel, and I made myself a delicious dinner. Now I am preperaing to write a book review and go to bed.

This photo sums up my behavior at the end of a long, long night last evening. It represents inadvertently crank calling Kevin Allison and singing the "Petland Discounts" jingle, and also moving my zone of shame. Oh, and in loudly recounting to all who would hear the delightful story of sitting in someone with a boner's lap.

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