Monday, April 25, 2005

Give Me Room, I Feel A Wicked Spell Comin' On.

That, dear readers, is a line from a poem titled, "Freddy The Rat Perishes". I did not write it. It was found by my best friend in high school, Becky, and I. It was in a paperback book of "modern" poetry which, when I was home for Christmas, I was delighted to find I still had.

Anyway that is neither here nor there. I am in a hateful mood and want to be as mean as I can right now. I am filled with spite. Pure, venemous bile. It's going to backfire, mark my words.

I should be in a great mood, I had a great show. Even better than last week. I kicked ass. But as I am a misanthropic malcontent, I can only focus on how malicious I am. I am a peevish, sullen toad right now.

Bite me.


polly said...

My name is Polly. I am from South Dakota. I started my blog for the sole purpose of rebuttal against a psycopathic child molester. He raped his own daughter, my goddaughter, and her friend. Of course, he maintains he is innocent. Don't they all. With him, I do believe that it is not about the sex, but the control. Clearly a sociopath. So anyway, back to my point, after signing on to vent my my hatred toward this man, I found this to be, almost therapeutic. At night, when I am wasting my energy on blogging, I just happened to press on the words, NEXT BLOG, and there you were. I have to tell you, once I started reading, I was addicted. You absolutly had me peeing in my pants. I never laughed so hard. You were the topic at the "water cooler" the next day. I raved about you like you were the hottest topic in all the tabloids. Then, that night I couldn't remember your site. I was finding myself ready to mourn. I called my local ISP to find out how to find your site on my computer. I am computer illiterate. He told me how to check my history...and voila`! I've turned you on to my friend, and now we read your blogs on a daily basis, and either I call her or she calls me, and we'll say," did you check out brandyforsale"? You say that you are the meanest girl in the whole wide world, but you are just saying what everyone else wishes they had the vagina to say. Everyone thinks like you, you just say it. I love your blogs. You make me laugh everyday. (I need that in my life right now.) Not to sound scary or anything, but I will remain a fan and keep reading, if that's ok. Thanks for the smiles.

Brandy For Sale. said...

Polly, thank you! I'm looking forward to checking out your blog now.

Also, please take a peek at the blogs of some of my good friends (in my blog links). They are hilarious, I think they are a lot funnier than I could ever be. I think you'll enjoy them as well.

I wish you luck on your blogging adventure. It's free therapy- and you always get the last word!