Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I hate Ben Gruber Part 2.

Ben Gruber is MEAN!!!!

I hate him and his ass face.

[NOTE: My internet/cable stopped working on late Sunday night and are not going to be repaired until early Wednesday, so Ben was nice enough to let me come over and check my e-mail quickly since he lives so close. When I say nice, I mean, he only threatened to kick me out 8 times]

He is standing behind me, yelling at me and being mean about how gay I am for being so into this blog.

Ben says (in his Brandy voice): "If you like paying attention to me here's my phone number, call me and pay more attention to me!!!"

Then he asked in a nice voice, "Will you stop with your stupid blog?"

I told him to shove it. He also yelled at me earlier when I was on the phone with a boy and said, "I didn't know this was your office!"

Anyway, I will post more when my service at home is fixed which is meant to occur tomorrow from 10 am to 12 pm. Thanks TimeWarner, you fucking walking abortions.

Ben says he knows the national drought of my blog postings is finally over, and he's glad. Yes, ladies, he IS single.

Please send hate mail/nude pix to:

sweet ben at earthlink dot net



saraisloco said...

Brandy "Ben, Sara says hi"
Ben (screaming in an infant tone) "NOOOOOOOOO"


Brandy For Sale. said...

I forgot to include the part where he repeatedly blows the "Home Movies" Coach McGurk whistle which I was nice/stupid enough to give him, knowing that loud noises makes me want to murder, while I almost start to cry and scream, "SHUT UP I NEED TO CHECK MY EMAIL THERE MAY BE ONE FROM A BOY!!!!"

April said...

why are you even physically near him? he is a trifle. a nothing. a shit. stop speaking with him. he is a loser. and proves it by putting you down because he hates himself.

i don't like him.