Monday, April 25, 2005

Amity Gardens.

Let's take a sec to discuss the commercials, shall we?

First of all, does anyone else feel like they're entering the Red Light District in Amsterdam when that freaky pseudo-Dutch woman starts yammering at them about half-priced books in an unsettlingly come-hither voice? What the fuck is with her obvious accent that she does a piss-poor job of trying to cover? Well, I guess it is Overstock. com, so they had to cut corners on the dialect coach. Perhaps this odd choice of her as their spokesperson was made because the ad company thought the stupid public would be fooled into thinking she's a model? Did a focus group of beer-bellied frat trash from Kansas give her the thumbs up as "classy but I'd fuck her"? I'm baffled.

I don't understand what they're trying to achieve at all, especially with the "color" scheme. The whole white on flourescent orange makes my eyes itch. The creepy-sexy talking lady's unselfconcious lack of acting ability is the only definite aspect of the commercial. On a scale of "What the fuck?" to "jesus holy christ on a bike", I give it a suck a dick up to the hiccup. I only hope swallows.

I would say "boo-ya", but I fucking hate that phrase.

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