Wednesday, April 06, 2005

This monkey's gone to heaven.

I am about ten minutes from getting on a plane to Rome, hopping on a Vespa to the fucking St. Peter's Basilica (or whatever the fuck it's called, I don't remember the proper name because I don't fucking give a damn), and taking a dump on the stupid Pope's corpse. WHO CARES IF HE DIED?!? Guess who I care about dying? Those poor people stationed in Iraq. Let's talk about them and how the U.S.'s own creepy thinly-veiled "holy war" religious right bullshit is poisoning this country- and the world.

I refuse to pretend I give a rat's ass. I hate compulsory christianity more than anything. Why do I have to act respectful of an organized religion that has oppressed billions over centuries? Eat me, "Pope".

I couldn't even escape this hyped up bullshit on NPR this morning. I had to hear how affected by this evil man's death "teenagers" were. Yeah, because thye're all knocked up and have STD's since you banned condoms, you ass.

This is making me so angry. I want to hotwire the Pope Mobile, knock him out of the casket, and run over his head.


H Fink said...

I hate the Pope too.

saraisloco said...

Brandy I have never been more proud to be your friend. You're my papal bay-bay.