Saturday, April 30, 2005

Mexican Wine.

There's a lot to discuss today. So let us.

Porter, Birch and I went to see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Now, I haven't read the books since way back when in high school, when I did so to impress a very smart, handsome boy I had a crush on named Colin. I was dating his friend but thought he was the cat's pajamas. Anyway, I loved the series then, and have been really excited about the film especially considering the cast. I have short man lust over Martin Freeman. We saw it at this gorgeous theater, the Ziegfield on 54th and 6th Ave. Porter got nachos, and the bag said "FuNachos! Snacktime anytime!" After the movie, we went to a diner and ended up discussing boners for the rest of the afternoon. Of particular note was the "boner tone" Porter picked for his wang, which was "Take Me Out".

Chanson Papillion- Chaka Khan
Sentimental Lady-Bob Welch
Sweet Thing- Van Morrison
So Into You-Atlanta Rythym Section
Kiss you All Over-Exile
(Country Livin') The World I Know- Esthero
Ice King- Res
Hackensack- Fountains of Wayne
Magic- Olivia Newton John
Stars- Dubstar
Sunshine- Keane
Running Up That Hill- Kate Bush
Just Another- Pete Yorn
Strange Magic- ELO
I Want To Be Your Man- Zapp & Roger
Nice Dream- Radiohead
Across the Universe- Rufus Wainwright
Golden Slumbers- The Beatles
Wild Horses- The Sundays
Do It Again- The Staple Singers
Strawberry Letter #22- Shuggie Otis
Slave to Love-Bryan Ferry
Can't Get it Out of My Head- ELO
You Can Have It All- Yo La Tengo
Pillow Talk- Sylvia
Milk- Garbage
Nite & Day- Al B. Sure
Can't Do A Thing To Stop Me- Chria Issak
Too Much- The Spice Girls
I'm Not In Love- 10cc
Blindfold- Morcheeba


Porter Mason said...

It should be noted that my boner also has the ringtones for that Killers song and "Float On" on it, too. But they are personalized boner-tones that only play when the boner I'm getting is because of a specific person. If I get a boner for you, Brandy, it starts playing "Showdown" by ELO.

Brandy For Sale. said...

Yikes! I just read this and was scared straight!