Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Trumpy! You can do stupid things!

I think drinking two overflowing glasses of red wine at 11 pm on a Sunday makes perfect sense. So does announcing "I'm French!", then putting on a beret and a neck scarf and forcing your companion for the evening to smoke a clove with you. Later, when the wool hat makes your head itch because you are allergic, feel free to hurl it to the ground and declare, "This is stupid".

I went to a lecture/talk given by legendary theater director Peter Brook tonight; amazing doesn't begin to describe it. Just as I was really becoming enthralled by what he had to say, hi-jinx galore began. I was overtaken with annoyance directed towards the retard sitting next to me who was furiously taking notes, verbally commenting to himself on Brook's words and rocking autistically in his chair, thereby making all of the 6 seats in the row quake. This did not bode well for the Q&A session slated to follow the panel, and I was not to be disappointed in my quest for more reasons to love abortion. I hate most all other people.

More on this later, I am off to bed.

But here's one more thing: walking home from my train stop I saw a subway poster advertising the new reality show, "Showdogs" (or whatever). Someone had written neatly, in humble black letters over the pet & its owner's smooching muzzles: DISTRACT US FROM WAR.

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