Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A Problem With The Problem Page.

Every morning that I go into work, I stop and wait at the same intersection. I tap my foot and stare around absentmindedly, waiting for the light to change so I can cross the heavily-trafficked street. And that's when I look above the button that you're meant to press to indicate to the signal that you're waiting for a WALK sign. My eyes fall on a white sticker with black typewriter style font. I expect it to say, "PRESS HERE FOR LIGHT". But this sticker is different. Instead it says, "PRESS HERE FOR LUCK". And I smile. Because I always forget it's there until I'm staring right at it. My heart leaps because I remember how happy it makes me to see it again. I'm pleased that no one has peeled it off, so much that I almost want to cry for a second at people's inherent goodness. And then I press the button, and close my eyes, and make a wish.

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