Monday, April 04, 2005

"It's the day of the show, ya'll!"

This weekend was haunted!!!

Not really, but I saw a medium today for the first time and I am freaked out. So much so that I had to drink a lot of red wine. Good plan.

Now I am listening/singing to "Street Life" from the Jackie Brown soundtrack.

Here is a list of girls I want(ed) to make out with:

1) Meredith Something or other, the actress from "Journey of Natty Gann"
2) Angelina Jolie in everything but mostly, in "Gia" and most of all in "Foxfire"- holy cats.
3) Claire Forlani just in general, except she is a bit short for me, since I am a huge tall monster. But her mouth!
4) Parker Posey in "Dazed & Confused"
5) Catherine Keener in "Being John Malkovitch"

I just re-read this and it seems I am attracted to dark haired, mid-height women. Just FYI, ladies.

There are more but I am drunk, tired, and full of Irish superstision over dabbling in the dark arts (as Sara says) and therefore, so skeeved out. So I shall listen to Kenny Loggins singing "This Is It" and finish off this bottle of wine. Solid!

Why, if you want to hit on me, would you choose to yell at me, "Damn! You jigglin', baby!". Do I seem like the type of woman who really responds to that particular figure of speech? I'd just like to know. I know this much: it is not something you expect or want to hear as you're walking from the L.I.R.R. to the M.T.A. late Sunday night, dressed not unsimilarly from a gay P.E. teacher, sans whistle. I mean, seriously, guy- I am fairly certain I had on Mom jeans.


April said...

i can totally agree the Angelina Jolie choice. i would totally forgo cock for her.

Brandy For Sale. said...

She is just an amazing creature.

saraisloco said...

I too would like to spend one night with Miss Jolie....but merely just to talk and drink some wine as I find her to be fascinating.

Anyone buying this?

Okay I would make out with her.

April said...

you are too funny sara.

Anne said...

Yep. I'd go lez for her too.