Saturday, April 23, 2005


Hey all-

I maintain a seperate section of my blog with my performance calendar on it, but since I am so excited about this show, I am going to brag on it here, and even post some press about it. Suck it.

Experience me reading poetry I wrote the year I thought it was appropriate to cut all my hair off because it was "ugly" and "frizzy", and I desperately wished for straight bleach-blonde hair & giant cockroach bangs like all the "pretty" girls had. It made sense at the time, along with stuffing my bra and praying to be frenched nightly.

Angst invades the East Coast!

Yes, MORTIFIED, Los Angeles' cult comedy sensation is finally coming to NYC. Witness grown men & women reading aloud their most pathetic REAL teenage journal entries, poems, letters & lyrics... in front of total strangers. New city, same melodrama.

Mortified NYC
WHEN: Sunday April 24th 8pm
WHERE: The Tank, 432 W 42nd St, NYC b/t 8th & 9th Ave.
COST: $10

STARRING: Sara Allocco, Brandy Barber, Abby Gross, Margot Leitman, Jen McNeil, Dave Nadelberg, Will Nolan, Giulia Rozzi, Victoria Scroggins, Maria Suozzo and Law Tarello.

As heard on NPR's "This American Life"!
Hailed "a comic cringe fest" by Backstage West!

Mortified is created by David Nadelberg. Mortified NYC is produced by David Nadelberg & Giulia Rozzi. More info @

In angst we trust.

And now, I shall inject the hype. People, sometimes the critics are right. This is one of those times.


Whoever said humor is based on the pain of others may well have had Mortified in mind. This LA-sprung comedic collective takes schadenfreude to a whole new level as its performers bravely bare their souls — just for kicks. Alone on a spotlighted stage, these folks share their desperate diary entries, very bad poetry, and unattainable dreams of happiness, as well as heartbreakingly hilarious tales of personal woe and social catastrophe. From the embarrassing to the eternally horrifying, all-too-human foibles and fumbles finally get their chance to shine. (SND) Note: We suggest advance tickets as the show is likely to sell out.

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LA-based comedy collective Mortified find humor in reading embarrasing diary entries, awful poetry, and hearbreaking tales of personal woe on stage. Go laugh at how marginally better your life is than theirs at The Tank tonight.

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Now, I was excited when I got my first Gawker stalk:

Saw Brian Huskey, one of the better talking heads populating “Best Week Ever”, at the L train stop on 14th on Tuesday the 25th. He was talking to an Amazonian redheaded woman (girlfriend?) who made him look smaller than the usual “they look smaller than they do on TV” small. Tried to spy on what they were talking about but failed. I assume it was snarky.

But this mention on Gawker was better, since I earned it for my art, not my (hard) ass. Word.

See you at the show!

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