Friday, April 15, 2005

Coconut's Place.

Xanadu Tattoo: Hey ya Ports!
Porter HM3: hey!
Xanadu Tattoo: How are you this fine day?
Porter HM3: I am OK
Porter HM3: I am meeting the fancy Mr. Barrison for some curry in a hurry in a moment
Porter HM3: so I must off with myself!
Xanadu Tattoo: fun times!
Xanadu Tattoo: have some nan for me
Porter HM3: ok
Porter HM3: bye!
Xanadu Tattoo: bye!
Porter HM3: while I'm gone, don't date anyone
Porter HM3: unless you love them, and they are in love with you
Xanadu Tattoo: I'll try
Xanadu Tattoo: They're beating down the door
Porter HM3: no, they're beating off ON the door
Porter HM3: there's a difference
Xanadu Tattoo: Right, right...
HM3: BYE!! FOR REALZZZZ!!!!! L8R!!!!
Xanadu Tattoo: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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